"Grave sins were committed against the Native Peoples of America in the name of God...I humbly ask forgiveness not only for the offenses of the church herself, but also for crimes committed against the Native peoples during the so called conquest of America. " 

                                                                                                                             Pope Francis 

To understand corruption, enslavement, murder, rape, and theft, one must first learn about the spiritual warfare that is taking place on earth.  In short, Satan and the evil forces want to become their own God and are working without rest to enslave and destroy all of our God's creation including humanity. Evil enslaves humanity by creating addictions of sin in which challenges the soul to be competely free of temptations.  There are three spiritual wars going on simitaneiously, the first is war in the spirit world, second is war on earth, and the third is war within ourselves. 

Hundreds of individuals across the globe are encountering near death experiences. In honor, most keep silent while others are called to tell the world. At a young age my near death experience began falling into an indoor pool. Then I was surrounded by clouds in all directions with a happiness feeling far above earth's understanding. Christ appeared to me with brown hair to just beyond the shoulders. Christ had a white roman cloak with a red slash from the left shoulder to the right side.  Christ delivered a message that it was not my time to die.                       ( To see my entire near death experience story click to download PDF here.) 

For at birth, we are destined to carry a lifelong cross to holiness and freedom. Our destiny is to carry challenges of life to the cross. For God has granted the powers of evil to seduce and corrupt individuals, kings, governments, and rulers on earth. The ultimate goal of evil is to enslave and kill humanity. Now is God's time to test individualism and for the choice to change of self toward holiness. All historical revolutions promises good for humanity, but in time all new kingdoms become corrupt.  For it is above the ability of humanity to ultimately change the corruption of the world and break away from enslavement. Still, all search for true freedom and peace within ourselves and God the creator.  

For evil does not want humanity to become wise of God. It is against the investment of all evil. If people are wise they can not be exploited into the slavery and addiction of sin. If people are intelligent of God's law they can not be under submission. The true freedom of the world is hard to discover for many. For it is easier to connect with the sinful slavery of drugs, alochol, sexual lust, power, and greed of money. 

Real freedom and truth for the soul is only found where humanity is closest to God, the Eucharist, and Nature. It is vital for humanity to regularly participate in the eating of Christ's body and blood as this is the greatest treasure in the world. Answers of life can be discovered while peacefully engaging in the presence of Nature. For Nature reminds humanity to be humble for we are only a small unit within the grand scale of the universe. For Nature reminds humanity that we are not in control and the powers of the Earth has the ability to destroy Nations. Nature is sacred and is a guide to help lead souls to God.

Evil fears the Eucharist of Christ the most. For the Eucharist has many abilities such as transforming the soul closer to God, the power to forgive, healing the body, and to change world events. For it was no accident that corrupt nations such as the Roman Empire and has fallen because of the Eucharist powers. History has taught humanity that every nation that is deeply involved with sin eventually falls. For this reason, you will find that governments actually fear Christianity and the Eucharist. In time, humanity will discover that governments will do more to restrict Christianity in attempt to protect their power and control. There will be many occasions when Christianity will be viewed as the enemy of the state for it is difficult for a ruler to be humble and accept the higher power of the authority of Christ. 

 (Download PDF file Rise of Christianity and the Fall of the Roman Empire.)

The sins of Christopher Columbus involved lust of power, wealth, murder, and enslavement of Native Americans. Columbus chose to impress the kingdom of Spain with Gold and power. In years to come, the corruption and sins of Spain resulted in the fall of the Empire from within. Many Catholic church officials and Popes have repeatidly apologized for crimes against Native Americans.

It is very critical that First Nations do not fault the entire Catholic or Christian Churches for crimes, as it is individualism that is responsible. For I pray that Native Americans will understand that actually we are in a spiritual warfare in which evil wants to enslave and kill all humanity.  After several generations, Native Americans have finally broken the chains of slavery of the body. Now, Native Americans are working to break the slavery of the spirit with the movement of Indigenous Peoples Day. While we all pray for Christopher Columbus to be in heaven, many are still in the process of healing. For even today, Native reservations are suffering from alocholism, drugs, rape, domestic violence, and suicides that are directly linked to the conquest of Christopher Columbus over 500 years ago.

The past, present, and future are all connected. History is going to repeat iself until humanity learns from it and we change our path. The only path of true change is through the power of the Eucharist and the Cross.

During natural death, we will all experience the power of forgiveness, the Eucharist, and the Cross. The body will remain as the spirit moves toward freedom. During death, an individual's lust for power, wealth, and control will become an Empire of dirt.

 Within one to three months of natural death the person will experience the natural withdrawal of the world and people. The knowledge of news, television, newspapers, and world events becomes less important. This is the method of withdrawing from the outside and evaluatings one's self. There will be an increase of sleep, less communication of words, and a reflection of the life stages of self.

Within two weeks of natural death, words will lose the importance; touch and wordlessness take on more meaning. There will be a transformation to replace energy from food to spiritual energy. At some point eating shall completely stop. The spiritual energy, not a physical one will sustain from this point forward. As the individual sleeps and awakes they may speak of visitations with God, angels, and deceased relatives. They may even have conversations with the unseen. The individual experiences disorientation, confusion, and agitation.

Within one to two days prior of natural death, on many occasions the dying shall not depart until many of the close family members have arrived or at least experienced some closure. At times, hours or moments before death there is a great surge of energy that awakens the dying. During this surge of energy the dying may only communicate by touch or sight. There is even a chance during this surge of energy for the dying to actually speak. Within hours of death, the body separates the soul with physcial body changes of restlessness, sleep, irregular breathing patters, eyes may be semi-open, and the hands and feet change the color of purple. Toward the end the family may experience the hearting of loud breat intakes and gurgle sounds. Finally, the body is motionless and the soul has departed to God.

Death is like watching a sail heading toward a sunset. At somepoint you will no longer physically see the sail as it disappears into the horizon. Mentally, you know that the sail still exists even though you can't physically see the sail. This my friends is dying and departing to the spiritual world of God's Kingdom. Death is God's picking of the fruits and crops that are ready to experience the cross and everlasting life. Always remember that the separation of life and death is thinner than hair.

There is no doubt in my mind that Christopher Columbus in the spirit world does not want to be honored on earth. For if Christopher Columbus was alive on earth today he would proclaim the Lord's day and not Columbus Day. It is humanity with business ambition to use a popular name for making money. Many of these businesses and workers are not even aware with the life details of Christopher Columbus.

For during the end of the life of Christopher Columbus he began to evaluate his life legacy and self. In witness to his past crimes of cruelty, Christopher Columbus submitted a letter of apology to the Kingdom of Spain.

" The Honest devotion which I have always paid to your highness service and unparalled wrong that I have suffered will not let me keep silence, although I would glady do so. I beg your Highness pardon. I am ruined, as I have said; till now I have wept for others. May Heaven now have pity on me and the earth weep for me. Of wordly possessions I have not even a farthing to offer for my spirit's good."              Written by Christopher Columbus written in the Indies on the Island of Jamaica July 7 1503.                                                                                                        ( Four Voyages Christopher Columbus published by Snowball Publishing 2013 page 303.)

                                                                                              CHURCH APOLOGY TO THE NATIVE AMERICANS

                                                                                    By Most Rev Raymond G Hunthausen, Archbishop of Seattle.

                                                                                                                   The Most Rev. Thomas Murphy

                                                                                                                   The Most Rev. William Skylstad

                                                                                                                            Click to see PDF letter




                    The power of the Mass is the ultimate healing of the soul and connection to God.


                             The Eucharist and the Holy Mass is the greatest treasure on Earth.