About the author.

 The best way to learn about me and my love for the community is to share with you about my spiritual encounters.

 1) Near Death Experience at a young age. Jesus told me it was not my time to die yet.
 2) A dream of watching Jesus dying on the cross.
 3) At a young age, during late night hours a voice came to me and called my name several times.
 As being late, sweaty, hot, and tired I told the voice I must sleep.
4) An evil entity tried to enter my body late at night through my mouth.
As I was paralyzed on the bed, my voice barely was able to call out the name of Jesus.
Suddenly, the evil entity departed away from me.
5) God encouraged me to take a woman that was involved in witchcraft to the High School Prom.
6) Graduated from a secular University. At the end, I walked down the aisle with a gold cross on my graduation gown.
My alumni brick at the University even today has the phrase, "Praise God" next to my name.
7) I have always used the best of my life to discuss of Christ with others in order for myself and people to grow closer to God.
8) Challenging secular corportations and governments to allow the teachings of Christ to be free.
9) Providing my opinions to society and to encourage discussion within the community in order for all of us to come closer together in holiness with God.
10) To remind all that the earthly temptation of wealth, power, and control has limitations and to rather seek holiness and peace with the Lord.
The road path of wealth, power, and control leads to environmental, self, spiritual, and community destruction.
11) To defend the nature that the word "Catholic" means universal and that the Kingdom of Heaven is open to all of God's people and not to a specific group.
12) To love our God with all our heart, mind, and soul.
To be spiritually alive, one must shine their light upon the world and question governments, institutions, and self in the name of the lord.

Today, certain Governments, businesses, and non-profit corporations professionally encourage people to provide feedback and opinions.
I have wrote letters of opinon to the President of the United States of America and various elected government officials.
I have wrote letters of opinion to various businesses and non-profit organizations.
The President of the United States, Elected Government officials, business leaders, and non-profit organization all had something in common.
All of them responded back to me with a THANK YOU.
Please read the THANK YOU letter from President Barack Obama even though we have differences and I did not even vote for him in elections.
There was a time I worked for an Insurance Company that at the moment satisfied my spiritual needs to encourage families to obtain life insurance.
I was one of their greatest sales warriors and membership recruiters on the state and international stage of recognitions.
Over the years, I started to question the changes of the business and their ideology.
In time, I resigned as an Insurance sales rep and terminated my membership.
Providing feedback of opinions to this Insurance Company to encourage positive growth and success was  greatly disappointing.
It is unfortunate that various leaders of this Insurance Company practice Napoleonic Law in which a person is guilty quickly until proven innocent.
Myself and other individuals have even received legal threats if you openly disagree with an opinion about their management or company.
This Insurance company knew my family very well and was fully aware of my Grandfather's death.
On the same day my Grandfather was passing away, this Insurance Company had cold hearted leaders that sent me an letter of intimidation.
The letter of intimidation instructed me to cease and desist discussing my issues of concern with a Catholic Priest about the Insurance Company.
What I have discovered is that individuals that question this company may experience social and legal intimidation. 
It was at this point I learned that sometimes you have to let  businesses that you love fail and make mistakes.
Life is short, a business with negative leaders will never move forward, and a person has to stop wasting time with negative people.
It is better to walk alone than with a crowd going toward the wrong direction.
In 2016, I met my father in Baltimore Maryland for Easter as he has terminal cancer. Our family joined Archbishop William E. Lori for Easter Mass at the First Roman Catholic Cathedral in the United States called Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Mary located in Baltimore MD. While I was receiving the Eucharist, Christ spoke to me saying, " Remain calm and be at peace." Then I heard my deceased Grandfather speak to me by repeating Christ's words "Remain calm and be at peace." For the Lord is in ultimate control to correct sin and not man.
I value the importance to Love God and shine my light upon the world.
My name and idenity is not of importance because God is the focus.
At the end, I ask of all of you to pray for me as I walk and carry the cross of life.